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“Kelce and Mahomes were fully prepared to risk an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, openly mocking Tucker if he had missed a field goal attempt during the fourth quarter, narrowing the lead to one score.”




The strangest feud of the 2024 NFL Playoffs almost escalated in a very funny way, according to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.While talking with Pat McAfee and company on the former Indianapolis Colts punter’s ESPN show,



Kelce revealed that he and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes were planning on taunting Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker if he had missed a kick during a key moment of Sunday’s AFC title game.


Mahomes even popped in the interview to back up with Kelce’s recollection.The tiff started when Kelce and Mahomes kept moving Tucker’s kicking equipment before Sunday’s game, which the Ravens kicker alleges had never happened to him in the past during warmups



Mahomes countered by saying that it’s only ever against the Ravens that a kicker won’t move when the Chiefs come on the field, and Kelce agreed.According to Kelce, he and Mahomes were more than ready to take on an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to mock Tucker openly if he’d missed a field goal attempt during the fourth quarter to cut the lead to one score.


Tucker made the kick, but it’d be Mahomes and Kelce who would win the gameThis whole situation feels like everyone probably owns a little bit of the blame, which makes it much less serious and much easier to laugh about.



The Chiefs would get the last laugh in the end, but we’re guessing Tucker and the Ravens wouldn’t mind a playoff rematch next year to add fuel to this budding rivalry.

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